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Trantor Provides Business Intelligence on Sales Data to a Premium Lifestyle Brand

The client was facing challenges in analyzing and maintaining key business information, and wanted realtime reports to make smarter

The Challenges

The client was facing challenges in analyzing and maintaining key business information and wanted real-time reports to make smarter, faster decisions. Some key problems were:

  • The sales information was distributed into independent systems. The challenge was to consolidate the data from various systems and data sources into one system.
  • Inability to distribute tailored information to various departments within the organization
  • Lack of information consistency as different departments were doing their own data aggregation

The Solution

Trantor built customized sales and channel sales dashboards, facilitating future sales planning for managers and representatives.

Trantor designed an ETL process to extract databases from several third party applications, transformed those, and loaded into the target systems.

In addition, Team Trantor:

  • Integrated 10+ years of sales data into one system
  • Created dashboard that contained critical KPIs for company’s sales representatives

The Benefit

  • Faster processing of sales reports, reducing turnaround time by 50% to 60%
  • Sales reporting costs reduced by 50 to 70%
  • Increased accuracy of reporting and analysis due to streamlining and consolidation of multiple reports into the centralized dashboard solution.

Next Steps

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The Client

  • The client provides end-to-end operational solution for aspirational youth lifestyle brands. The client covers over 3,000 retailers worldwide with offices and distribution functions in the US, Canadian, and European markets offering wholesale and e-commerce opportunities. Trantor’s extensive knowledge and experience in technology provided us with right business solutions. Much needed and highly recommended team.
    Manager . Sales & Marketing
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