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Achieving Competitive Edge: How GA4 Revolutionized Analytics and Digital Transformation for a Leading Appliance Brand

The client, a distinguished family-owned appliance company, has maintained market leadership for over three decades. With eight showrooms across Northern California, they offer a wide range of top-notch appliances from renowned brands.

Client Background

The client, a distinguished family-owned appliance company, has maintained market leadership for over three decades. With eight showrooms across Northern California, they offer a wide range of top-notch appliances from renowned brands. Their commitment to exceptional customer service, product excellence, and competitive pricing has solidified their position as the go-to destination for home appliance solutions.

GA4 Migration Case Study - Retail Appliance


Before partnering with Trantor, the client encountered significant challenges with their existing analytics setup, legacy shopping cart, user journey, website, and SEO performance. These obstacles hindered their ability to track and analyze data effectively, provide a seamless shopping experience, optimize user engagement, and achieve desired search engine visibility.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive digital transformation, the client entrusted Trantor to address these critical challenges and drive their journey toward success.

Solution & Approach for UA to GA4 Migration Process and Digital Transformation

Trantor’s comprehensive approach ensured a seamless transition, improved user experiences, increased online visibility and enabled data-driven decision-making for continual growth. The digital transformation process involved migrating from the legacy shopping cart to Magento 2.0, enhancing the UI design, fixing SEO issues, and implementing GTM and GA4.

Steps for GA4 Migration Case Study

  • 1. Planning and Preparation: Trantor collaborated closely with the client to plan and prepare for the migration to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). They thoroughly audited the existing Universal Analytics (UA) implementation, identified essential tracking requirements, and determined the specific events and parameters to be tracked in GA4.
  • 2. Implementation: The implementation process involved updating the website’s tracking code to include both UA and GA4 tags simultaneously. This allowed for parallel data collection, ensuring a seamless transition without data loss. Trantor worked diligently to ensure a smooth integration of GA4 into the client’s existing analytics infrastructure.
  • 3. Data Validation and Testing: Trantor conducted extensive testing and validation of the GA4 implementation to ensure data accuracy and integrity. They compared data between UA and GA4 to identify any discrepancies and fine-tuned the tracking setup accordingly. This step was crucial in ensuring the client could rely on accurate and reliable data for their analytics and decision-making processes.
  • 4. Event Mapping and Customization: Trantor assisted the client in mapping their existing UA events to GA4 events. They utilized the event schema and custom event parameters in GA4 to replicate the desired tracking functionality. This involved modifying existing tags and adding new event tracking, aligning the tracking setup with the client’s business goals and objectives.
  • 5. Data Migration and Reporting Transition: Once the data validation was completed and data continuity was ensured, Trantor helped the client gradually shift their reporting and analysis processes from UA to GA4. They provided guidance and support in creating new reports, dashboards, and segments in GA4, enabling the client to leverage the advanced analytical features and capabilities offered by the GA4 platform.

Benefits and Results

Benefits of GA4 Migration - Case Study

  • Increased User Acquisition: The migration to GA4, coupled with the digital transformation efforts, resulted in substantial improvements in user acquisition. Compared to the previous year, Paid Search drove twice as much traffic, demonstrating the effectiveness of the migration to GA4 and the successful implementation of the SEO strategy. Additionally, traffic from Organic Search experienced an impressive 400% growth, highlighting the positive impact of the migration and the optimization of the SEO strategy.
  • Increased Average Session Time: The digital transformation efforts led to a significant boost in user engagement. The average session time increased by 3X, indicating a substantial increase in user engagement and exploration of the client’s offerings. This extended engagement suggests that users were highly interested in the content and products presented, leading to enhanced interactions and potential conversions.
  • Decreased Bounce Rate: The implementation of UI design enhancements and improved website performance had a significant impact on user behavior. The bounce rate decreased by 15%, ensuring visitors stayed longer on the website and engaged with the content. This improvement signifies a more captivating and user-friendly experience, increasing visitor retention and conversion opportunities.

GA4 Migration - Conversion Optimization

  • Comprehensive Event Tracking: Trantor’s implementation of GA4, combined with GTM, allowed for comprehensive tracking of critical events such as add_payment_info, add_shipping_info, add_to_cart, begin_checkout, purchase, and remove_from_cart.
  • Improved Conversion Rates: The client achieved a conversion rate of 2.6%, with vital conversions, including 8,500 store location explorations and 3,200 rebate redemptions. These insights enabled targeted marketing strategies and improved ROI.

GA4 Migration ROI ROAS

  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI): The client experienced a 20% increase in ROI, highlighting the success of their digital transformation efforts.
  • Enhanced Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): The return on ad spend (ROAS) improved by 15%, indicating the effectiveness of the analytics-driven marketing campaigns and the migration to GA4.


Trantor’s expertise in executing successful GA4 migrations and their digital transformation capabilities drove exceptional outcomes for the client. The migration from the legacy shopping cart to Magento 2.0, UI design improvements, SEO optimization, and GA4 implementation significantly enhanced the client’s analytics infrastructure and online presence. The partnership with Trantor positioned the client as a market leader in the home appliance industry, with increased user acquisition, engagement, conversion rates, and ROI.

Next Steps

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