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Customer Acquisition Service

Efficient customer acquisition and onboarding solutions



Conventional customer acquisition processes followed by banks and financial institutions are not enough to meet the aggressive competition and tech-evolution. To achieve an optimal balance of scalability and cost in the long-run, acquisition costs should decrease while gross margins should increase.

Trantor offers strategic customer acquisition services which significantly expand the customer base while at the same time reduce the associated costs. Our lead generation and automation systems help you build a comprehensive data ecosystem that enables you to capitalize on the disruption in the financial services industry. With our omnichannel campaigns and comprehensive data management systems, we enable quick and cost-effective customer onboarding.

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Service Capability

An exceptional rate of successful deliveries is a testimony to the excellent development we provide. Give a read for some of our amazing success stories.

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  • Omni Channel Campaigns

  • Marketing Automation

  • Data Management

  • Lead Generation Portals

Trantor Edge

The cloud is more than a technology platform. It’s a catalyst for business transformation and growth. We’ll work with you to define a business strategy.

Increased Business-Level Control and Agility
Uniform Data with Automated Standardization
Reduced Cost of Customer Acquisition
Quick Integration with Internal & External Systems

Customer Acquition is our differentiator

The cloud is more than a technology platform. It’s a catalyst for business transformation and growth. We’ll work with you to define a business strategy,

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Will your experts work in my time zone?

Being a global company our teams are available anytime needed. Our processes and teams are structured in a manner to serve customers across various time zones globally.

What measures are taken to protect and store sensitive data?

Most of your sensitive data and information are stored in an encoded form. All this is done using cloud infrastructure, which is very secure and breach-free.

What is a Customer Acquisition Strategy?

The way a business takes to reaches out to new customers and persuades them to acquire their product or service is referred to as a customer acquisition strategy. An effective customer acquisition strategy uses data to better understand consumer behavior and find marketing possibilities, then tries to reach out to them through a sequence of coordinated marketing touchpoints. Given that customers engage a range of online platforms on a daily basis, your customer acquisition plan will most likely employ a mix of marketing channels to reach them.

What is the purpose of customer acquisition?

The process of acquiring new consumers or clients for your firm is known as customer acquisition. The purpose of this procedure is to develop a methodical, long-term acquisition plan that can adapt to changing trends and conditions.

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