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Bank Security & Compliance Services

Stay compliant and safeguard your data with bank compliance software


Protecting your organization against financial fraud is a huge responsibility. With financial fraud becoming more sophisticated than ever, having a comprehensive view of potential cyber threats with robust banking compliance solutions is the only way to mitigate risks and protect your customers from financial harm.

Trantor implements dynamic IT security solutions for banks which simplify fraud detection across multiple channels, monitoring incoming data and combatting fraud in real-time. We leverage bank security technologies and tools like Norkom, Actimize, RSA Archer, HP ArcSight, IDology and OFAC WatchDOG to enable multi-layered security features within your financial products and technology platforms.

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All-Inclusive Fraud Protection

Fraud intelligence, identity verification & transaction risk monitoring across all devices & channels for omnivalent protection.

Crosschannel Fraud Management

Analytics-based solutions to combat fraud across multi-channels & products like internal fraud, credit card fraud etc.

Knowledge-Based Authentication

Knowledge-based multi-choice questions & multi-factor knowledge-based authentication to verify user identity.

Service Capability

Our dynamic financial solutions help you significantly increase performance, decrease costs, and improve compliance posture

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  • Financial Markets Compliance

  • ACH fraud Detection

  • Digital Banking Fraud

  • Fraud Consulting and Services

  • Payment Fraud Detection

  • Authentication Management

  • Credit Card Payments Fraud

  • Internal Threats

Trantor Edge

Safeguard stronger customer engagement with cost-effective security & compliance services

Real-Time Fraud Management and Mitigation
Comprehensive Domain Expertise in Channel and Payment Fraud Prevention
Enhanced Protection Against Evolving Cyber Threats Across Multiple Channels
Full Payment Life Cycle Fraud Management
Sophisticated Platform with Flexible Deployment Options

Security and Compliance for Banks

Safeguard stronger customer engagement with cost-effective security & compliance services


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What measures are taken to protect and store sensitive data?

Most of your sensitive data and information are stored in an encoded form. All this is done using cloud infrastructure, which is very secure and breach-free.

Will your experts work in my time zone?

Being a global company our teams are available anytime needed. Our processes and teams are structured in a manner to serve customers across various time zones globally.

How much does it cost to build finance and banking applications?

The cost of making a Fintech Mobile solution varies on the basis of several factors like the platform chosen, functionalities in the apps, the bandwidth of experts, etc. Inclusions of features like payment solutions, third-party payment gateways, customer interactions, data storage, etc. may also add to the overall cost of the financial solution.

What are the benefits of fintech software?

Apart from digitalizing your traditional financial system, there are a lot more benefits a fintech software brings along like
  • More Personalized Experience
  • Improved Security
  • Faster Rate of Approval
  • Cost Reduction
  • Greater Convenience

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