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Integrated Cloud Security Solution: The Need of the Hour


Over the past years, the rapid growth in cloud adoption has propelled the need for the best-in-class cloud security solutions that cater to the unique needs of cyberinfrastructure across organizations. This led to the global cloud security software market being valued at $US 29.5 billion in 2020. This figure is projected to reach about $US 37 billion by 2026. Clearly, cloud security is no longer an occasional concern but a proactive initiative of organizations that want to secure their cloud assets.

This article will dive deeper into the importance of cloud security, its challenges, and how to solve them.

Integrated cloud security – an unmissable asset

The introduction of cloud technology has driven the need to rethink cybersecurity. Let’s look at the importance of cloud security solutions to organizations:

  • Cloud security solutions offer centralized security.
  • Shifting to a cloud security platform eliminates the need for manual security updates and configurations.
  • Shifting to a cloud security platform eliminates the need for manual security updates and configurations.
  • Most importantly, investing in cloud security significantly reduces costs while delivering 24/7 proactive security features.

Major challenges with implementing cloud security

Maintaining a secure cloud has its set of challenges. Understanding these hurdles is crucial when looking for a cloud security solution.

  • Cloud customers have limited access to and control over data in a third-party cloud service provider’s environment.
  • Cloud services are often accessed by devices and entities outside the corporate network. Thus, transparency of cloud services is needed for IT teams to have complete visibility over data.
  • Users’ access to cloud data is typically over the internet and from any device or location, rendering conventional data center network perimeter-based access controls ineffective.
  • Mandatory adherence to regulatory and internal compliance adds another challenge to the use of cloud computing services.
  • Cloud-native breaches are another menace where cyber attackers exploit unprotected interfaces in a cloud deployment.
  • A misconfigured IaaS environment is often the gateway to a cloud-native breach. Worse, these IaaS misconfigurations frequently go unnoticed.

A way forward to solving security challenges

A reputable cloud security solution works to solve the challenges mentioned above through one or more of the following ways:

  • Using an API connection to the cloud service to ensure visibility into cloud data.
  • Implementing controls such as device access control, user access control, privileged access, and malware prevention to regulate access to cloud data.
  • Applying data classification, data loss prevention, encryption, and collaboration controls to manage authority over cloud data.
  • Amplifying compliance requirements and practices involving cloud data and applications.

Case in point – a New York-based startup that makes in-home security systems was faced with the challenge of maintaining infrastructure security without compromising on costs and flexibility. Consequently, the company decided to scale its platform on the cloud to meet rapid growth and ensure customer privacy and security. As a result, it could not only meet increasing customer demands, but the multiple layers of infrastructural security provided the resources to define cloud security policies and defend its network from potential cyber threats via the cloud.

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Let’s step towards an integrated security solution!

Cybersecurity threats are continually evolving and becoming more sophisticated with increased resilience to cyber defenses. As a result, cloud computing is as vulnerable to cyberattacks as an on-premise environment. An effective cyber security solution protects storage and networks from data theft, minimizes the impact of data or system vulnerabilities, averts data leaks from human negligence, and enables data recovery in the event of data loss.

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