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Our Covid-19 Communication Framework

Communication is the key to your business continuity

One of the main adjustments companies have to make now is to expand flexible work arrangements and other policies that allow people to work remotely and safely.

However, we at Trantor have been farsighted in this approach and have been successfully navigating the challenges involved with remote working and managing entire teams in a WFH scenario. As a policy 25% of our teams were on a permanent remote working mode, so adapting to the current need of hour was not so challenging for us. With most of our infrastructure and services in the Cloud, we have seamlessly embraced the NEW NORMAL way of working. We recognize the Value of an Effective Communication Framework that allows our organization to run smoothly and employees to work effectively.

Our Communication Framework

Regularly share governments’ COVID-19 measures with Workforce

We regularly share governments’ COVID-19 measures with our employees from time to time. As a responsible employer, we make sure that our workforce has easy and instant access to all the important and correct information coming from governments and local authorities.

Inform our employees about the business impacts of COVID-19

Transparency and trust, this is what employees expect from us in this challenging time. Uncertainty among employees around their job security is at its peak right now, causing fear and concerns. We make sure that they are well-informed about the consequences the crisis is bringing to the business and our plans to mitigate the business impact it might have on the organization.

Communicate safety tips to your employees in a timely manner

Employee safety and well-being is the utmost priority of Trantor, our dedicated team of HR professionals works tirelessly to compile and effectively communicate well-grounded tips and insights to our workforce. Be it through regular emails, group sessions, and a weekly sync-up we ensure that our teams are kept well informed.

Share the right updates with the right employees

Regular and timely information flow is critical during a crisis such as COVID-19. However, that does not mean that every employee should get the same message no matter what they do or where they are located.

Promptly and efficiently responding to all Employee queries and concerns

We let our employees express how they feel, voice concerns, ask questions, and let them suggest solutions to create a sense of unity and team spirit. We encourage our employees to come up with innovative solutions to overcome the business challenges we are facing during COVID-19.

With the new remote work arrangements, we understand that many employees are struggling to balance their personal and professional lives, and they need our support. We encourage our employees to share their voices and build stronger connections with their teams by communicating honestly, openly, and regularly.

Ensure that there is Seamless collaboration among remote teams

Enabling employee collaboration during the current crisis is an important part of our business strategy. We emphasize is on building stronger communication culture within our teams and implement technology solutions that foster and ease collaboration between remote teams. Communication during a crisis needs to be more frequent, transparent, and open to everyone.

This crisis has taught us that having a clear business continuity plan for various types of crises is absolutely worth it. Our robust policy and swiftness have ensured that we recover from the crisis with fewer negative consequences.

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