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Transform Your Workforce with RPA Services

Elevate productivity and efficiency through RPA services. We customize automation solutions for your business needs, optimizing workflows and unleashing your workforce’s full potential.


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    Key Services

    We help enterprises of all sizes to innovate and accelerate growth using intelligent automation solutions

    RPA Consulting Services
    We deliver exclusive consulting services for readiness, discovery & technical feasibility
    Bot Support & Maintenance
    Effective SLA, KPI, Reporting, Incident & Change Management services for your Bot
    Automation Staff Augmentation
    Quality onsite & offshore resource solutions using RPA to augment your employees
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    Intelligent Automation Services
    Enhanced analytics, chatbots & cognitive services powered up by intelligent automation
    Application Development & Testing
    App development & testing for mobile, cloud, & DevOps using robotic process automation
    RPA Enterprise / Project Delivery
    Enterprise-wide RPA planning to implementation services through CoE models

    Our RPA Expertise

    Unlocking the Potential of RPA Solutions

    Elevating RPA Excellence Across Platforms in Collaboration with Industry Leaders

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    RPA Expertise Professionals

    Certified Professionals

    Success Stories

    Experience in years of RPA

    Trantor RPA Use Cases

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    Intelligent Label

    In the manufacturing industry, our solution automates label design and content validation, reducing inspection costs and ensuring faster equipment delivery

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    Efficient Inventory

    Our intelligent automation streamlines inventory control, saving time for analysts and significantly reducing production downtime.

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    Contract Compliance

    With our automation, legal departments can validate contract documents efficiently, saving months of effort and drastically reducing document processing time.

    Automation of Expense Participation

    Check out how the Expense Participation Bot made the life of executives easy and analytics-centric by optimizing 45-50 minutes of human efforts within 6 minutes. The bot was able to complete in mere minutes what used to take nearly an hour of manual work. The time savings allows executives to devote their energy to more impactful tasks that further business objectives.

    The Expense Participation Bot’s automated reports also provide executives with valuable insights available on-demand. This demonstrates the power of intelligent automation to streamline critical but labor-intensive processes. Trantor’s bot enabled professionals to focus on higher-value work and make informed, data-driven decisions faster.

    Automation Approach

    Trantor’s automation specialists enable you to accelerate your journey with a prescriptive automation approach that enables growth in the right direction

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    An exceptional rate of successful data & artificial intelligence solutions is a testimony to the excellent development we provide. Give a read to some of our amazing success stories


    • Case study

      AR Cash Processes Automation for a Leading French Real Estate Company

      Our client is a prominent French commercial real estate company specializing in the management of prime assets in the world’s most dynamic cities. Their portfolio includes office buildings, shopping centers, and airport retail facilities.

    • Case study

      Bridging Revenue Gaps: Expense Claim Reconciliation BOT

      Our client is a prominent communications services provider, catering to the needs of customers worldwide. They have a diverse enterprise customer base across Europe, the United States, AMEA, and the UK.

    • Case study

      Driving Innovation in Compliance through Automation of Invoice Auditing Process

      To validate the receipt of the expenses in Concur and capture all the mismatching ID’s user manually spends 2-3 minutes for one invoice.

    • Blog

      RPA Solutions to Optimize Processes and Reduce Costs for Automotive Manufacturers

      Automotive Manufacturers have been using the powers of automation for a long time.It started with implementing robotic processes and processing lines to tackle regular production activities.

    • Blog

      Steadying the Personal Identity Information Game with Self-Sovereign Identity

      With the digital identity ecosystem shift, ownership, consent, and privacy are recurring themes that govern user data.

    Related Services


    Can RPA or Automation work seamlessly in any software app?

    Yes, RPA is completely agnostic which can be used to automate and integrate data in any application (on-premises or in the cloud), as well as any interface or server.

    Why Should You Automate Business Processes?

    Repeated, long processes consume a lot of time & money. Processes that are applied manually slow down businesses. As a result, businesses should automate their procedures. Because external pressures are increasing: increased competition & the quick rate of innovation, a deteriorating skilled workforce scarcity, rising user expectations, rising compliance requirements, & crises like Covid-19. Businesses' processes become more robust & resistant to external influences as they automate them.

    Which sectors are adopting automation rapidly?

    All the major industry sectors and companies are adopting RPA and automation rapidly, a few of the major ones are- Utilities, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Manufacturing.

    Does Salesforce support my language?

    The time frame of RPA or automation implementation differs from industry to industry and moreover, from project to project. Aspects like the amount of automation involved, the database of the enterprise, etc. play a major role. 

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