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Cross-Platform App Development

Your idea, our expertise!! Let’s develop feature-rich & business-centric hybrid apps that your customers love

Cross-Platform Development

If you want to rule the market in a short duration with a limited budget, cross-platform apps are your way out. It’s a single yet powerful application for multiple platforms with the same user interface as a native mobile app. With an augmented growth of the smartphone world, enterprises need technologies that offer “single-code-fits-in-all” flair. We offer cutting-edge cross platform mobile app development services for current innovation needs from SME’s to billion-dollar firms. We are an experienced cross-platform app development company that develops mobile apps that operate “when and where” you need them- on any device and any OS, at any time

We deliver cross platform mobile app development services using Xamarin, Sencha, Cordova/Ionic/PhoneGap, Cocos 2DX, Flutter, etc. coupled with a seamless user experience and native API to deliver great performance.

If you want to rule the market in a short duration with a limited budget, cross-platform apps are your way out. We build cross-platform mobile applications using Xamarin, Sencha, Cordova/Ionic/PhoneGap, Cocos 2DX, Flutter, etc. coupled with a seamless user experience and native API to deliver great performance.

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Cross-Platform App Development Process

From start to finish, we follow an experience driven approach for continual growth and development

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Looking for a Co-Development Partner?


Boost your idea with an experienced and efficient development team of Trantor

Key Services

Boost your idea with an experienced and efficient development team of Trantor

Helping you to align the development plan with your business objectives, technological capability, and market outlook
UI/UX Design
Create user interface and user experience impactful, efficient, and engaging.
Custom Development
End-to-end development of your app with seamless design and development
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Integrate the hybrid mobile app with the existing application and other third-party apps involved.
Testing & Launch
Make the product secure, safe, and bug-free for use across all devices.
Maintenance & Optimization
Monitoring, refining, and updating the hybrid app features and working.

Industries We have Worked with

We have been a strategic partner to companies of every type, be it be a startup or a billion-dollar enterprise. Being a global cross-platform mobile app development agency, we follow an end-to-end approach to develop technologically-led multiplatform apps and a client-specific client-partner process that enables us to deliver business value to clients from diverse verticals ranging from healthcare, finance, entertainment, retail to name a few.


Our Industries Expertise

Connect with your end-users seamlessly with a multi-platform mobile app

  • eCommerce
  • Enterprise
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Insurance
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Frameworks, Tools & Solutions

Frameworks, Tools & Solutions



Development Tools & Database


We love delivering feature-packed and easy-to-use cross-platform application development services. Dig-deep in a few of the best cross-platform apps we have developed.

  • Case Study

    A Tablet POS with Retail Pro and RMS for Enhanced Customer Experience

    The client wanted a tablet POS that would allow retailers and suppliers to choose from vast product catalogs along with rich media. They also wanted a drop-ship application with..

  • Case Study

    Creates an Innovative App to Create and Share Music across the World

    The client wanted to create a music sharing platform to enable online collaboration for musicians. They wanted a multi-platform, innovative app that should allow long distance...

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What is a cross-platform app development?

The concept of cross-platform development is that a mobile application or software can easily work smoothly in more than one specific operating system, such as Android, iOS, etc. Usually, it is also the simplest and most cost-effective way to build apps.

Will I own the source code of my cross-platform app?

Yes, appropriate copyright or licensing control for the custom code that we develop for your application will be assigned to you. With intellectual property rights, we are transparent, and you will have the power to verify our terms of code rights before the project starts.

What are the security measures taken to make sure my cross-platform app is safe?

Yes, your app idea is completely safe with us. We will sign an NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you to ensure the safety of your app concept

How much will the development of the cross-platform app cost?

The cost of the product depends on its complexity and preferences. Factors like types of graphics used, the platform chosen, sound effects, payment gateway integration, etc. also contribute to the costing of the app. To get a better idea about the estimated costing of your project, please get in touch with us and our team will get back to you for an exclusive discussion.

What kind of support will I get throughout the app development process?

As an efficient cross-platform app development company, we designate a project manager assigned to you, who will be the point of contact in the development process. We ensure to give you a prompt response, and we make sure your work is prioritized judiciously. We also offer complete support from time to time to be responsive even after the launch of the product.

Can you give me a fixed-price cross-platform app quote?

Yes, we can. Before we start the project, we churn out a detailed project report with a fixed-price quote to deliver the project. No hidden charges, no sneaky fees, everything is clear and concise. You can request a ballpark quote to get a better estimate of the time frame, deliverables, and pricing for your cross-platform app solution.

Will you guide me in the submission process for the cross-platform app?

Yes, we will assist and guide you throughout the submission process. Our cross-platform app development team will help you in uploading your app on the App Store as an application development process. Also, our team has already uploaded over 800 mobile apps successfully without charging any additional cost.

What if I want any changes made in my cross=platform app after its launch?

Our cross-platform app development team will surely make the changes depending on the level of change and the time frame provided. You will be charged a designation for any change made after the launch.

Will your developers work on my time zone?

Being a global cross-platform app development company our teams are available anytime needed. Our processes and teams are structured in a manner to serve customers across various time zones globally. 

What kind of cross-platform mobile apps do you develop?

We build a broad array of B2B, B2C, B2E mobile applications, spanning from utilities, entertainment, travel, fintech, social networking, e-commerce, education, healthcare, industry, to gaming and apps for children.

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