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Digital Twin of an Organization - DTO

DTO solutions focus more on holistic, organization-wide simulations to generate insights coming from a virtual model of a physical process, product, or service, having business goals, business models, business processes, performance KPI indicators with target levels, and detailed transaction-level situational process analysis

Digital Twin: Business Insight Engine

DTOs enable the dynamic virtual organization in its operational context, which provides:

  1. Digital representation of employees, processes, data, and assets as they exist in the physical world, which enables:

    • Enhanced coordination among employees in an organization

    • Identification of an organization’s inefficiencies or weakness

  2. A platform to train employees on work operations and new practices

  3. A predictive analyses about:

    • Outcomes of changes in process, product, or service

    • Risks and costs of adopting new processes or leveraging new technologies

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In today’s reality, where change is accelerating, digital leaders recognize the need to sense and respond to change quickly and to design their business and operating models to be agile

Leverage Data and Boost Results
How We Support a Client’s Digital Twin Journey

Our vision combines AI and automation with data and models within the twin to reimagine and reshape the entire product development process.

  • Risk management

  • Program portfolio management

  • Business capabilities

Enterprise Architecture (EA)

  • Demand-driven value network

  • Business process management

  • Manufacturing

Digital Processes (BPMN)

  • Business moments

  • Business process outsourcing

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Risk Assessment

Process Mining

  • Enterprise performance

  • Digital business

  • Improved Customer experience


The Process

Gain insights that help you drive better products, optimize operations and costs, and create breakthrough customer experiences

Align the Organization’s strategy, culture and structure. Nature, Vision, Engagement, Synthesis, and Transition.

Trantor Strategy to Execution

Understand current state, drive insights, improve & redesign, communicate future state Integration with Enterprise Architecture.

Single Source of Truth

Enable continuous transformation, activate change, mobilize the organization

Transformation Engine

Understand operational health & improvement potential, launch transformation programs

Process Performance Cockpit


Actions speak louder than words. Browse through various resources
 on how helped our clients improve and grow.

  • Emerging EA Trend: Digital Twin of an Organization

    Learn how this emerging trend aligns with your organization’s future plans.

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