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Trantor Supports Texas-based “Restaurant Technology Innovator” re-engineer, optimize network and cloud infrastructure setup

Trantor Supports Texas-based “Restaurant Technology Innovator” re-engineer, optimizes network and cloud infrastructure setup.

Trantor’s Captive Centers of Excellence (CaptiveCoETM) model delivers engineering-driven, innovative, scalable, and personalized development solutions that support disruptive technology companies through all their stages of growth. Integrating technological expertise, decades of experience, and business acumen, Trantor helps companies develop solutions that are secure, stable, scalable, and fast to market.


A food service technology company approached Trantor to re-engineer an existing solution for table service hardware and software. Trantor assembled a cross-functional or multi-disciplinary team with diverse skill sets to deliver lasting value.

Approaching the Multifaceted Problem

Trantor was entrusted with the project to help migrate the infrastructure of the tablet, table-top ordering devices from a local server to the cloud. While seemingly simple enough, this challenge required an approach that mixed hardware and software, with implications for performance, security, and availability.


Trantor’s first challenge was the content sharing infrastructure. The team was tasked with finding a way to orchestrate a network of 60 devices, all connected to the cloud. The devices would need to pull menu updates and specials down from a single source of truth, transmit orders to a local cluster, and take payments, all while being highly available for customers to use at any given point.


Bandwidth was the second checkpoint. The challenge was how to share and sync data across devices while preserving bandwidth for order and payment communications. On top of the other challenges, security risks were also present. The devices were responsible for transmitting payment information. Therefore every component of the solution had to be defined.

Trantor’s Solution

The solution required application availability and minimal bandwidth usage, so it was important for the team to fully understand the data processing touchpoints.

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To solve this, Trantor provisioned a CDN and P2P content sharing network. The devices would share the information across the cluster using edge computing devices set up in the restaurants.


After the detailed analysis of networking options, including router-based solutions, IPFS, and Wi-Fi Direct®, the team’s network engineers worked with the customer to define implementation steps for going live with this solution. This infrastructure allowed devices to connect directly to each other to sync data without the need for each device to connect to the network.


Trantor’s team began with a threat model to understand potential attack vectors across all hardware and software components. Security objectives were re-analyzed, and the team evaluated the security implications for cloud and networking options. This ensured that the team incorporated the proper technologies and frameworks into each touchpoint.


Trantor’s experience, flexibility, expertise, and support, enabled the company to move forward with its cloud migration. To date, the company has implemented this model for more than 100 restaurant locations around the US.


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