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Automation Enables a Leading US Lending Company to Reduce Test Execution Time by 75%

The client had huge amount of customer data, and hence an ever growing number (1000+) of manual tests cases in their EIS application.

The Challenge

The client had a huge amount of customer data, and hence an ever-growing number (1000+) of manual test cases in their EIS application.

The client was looking for a way to reduce test execution time, increase test execution rate, and improve test quality, with minimal human intervention.

The Solution

Based on the complexity of client’s application, Trantor decided to automate the test cases. They chose Selenium as the main tool, supported by various other tools to automate regression testing.

Trantor created custom framework and reusable features that could be used by all scripts – including taking screenshots, connecting with database and creating custom automated reports.

This enabled them to add additional test cases while keeping test cycles under control.

The Benefits

  • Reduced test execution time by 75%
  • Reduced manual effort that led to 55% cost savings
  • Per Release time reduced from 15 to 7 Days
  • 99% automation of all the Test Packs in a prioritized manner

Next Steps

If you want to discover more about Trantor Inc. Services, Please Contact sales@trantorinc.com.

The Client

  • The client is the largest, nonbank alternative capital provider to small and medium businesses (SMB) in the United States. Trantor helped us save a lot with Test automation. They have excellent knowledge of business application and always gave defect free deliveries on time.
    Manager . Technology & IT

Project Highlights

Tools and Technologies:

  • Selenium
  • Java – programming language
  • Maven
  • Jenkins
  • Test NG

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