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Elevating Professional Services: A Game Changing Approach to Cybersecurity Deployment

The Client

The client is a leading global cybersecurity powerhouse listed in the S&P 500

Business Challenge

Meeting the soaring demand for SaaS cybersecurity professional services while overcoming resource shortages

In the face of unprecedented demand for SaaS Cybersecurity Professional Services, our client, a prominent player in the S&P 500, confronted challenges in scaling globally, battling low Professional Services margins due to in-country resource shortages, and optimizing time-to-value in custom deployments.

Trantor's Solution

Collaborating with the Client to Streamline Services and Redefine Delivery Models

Trantor partnered closely with the Client’s Professional Services team to define detailed Statements of Work (SOWs) and intelligently templatize and modularize deliverables across product lines.

  • Re-Engineered Delivery Model
    • Introduced packaged delivery, including Quick Start programs, expediting time-to-adoption.
    • Provided in-region offshore security consultants to augment on-site teams.
    • Established offshore scale teams to collaborate seamlessly with on-site consultants for efficient, modular deployments.


  • Optimized Task Work Effort
    • Ensured 24 x 7 delivery to customers by strategically optimizing task work effort.
    • Built and trained offshore teams, significantly reducing deployment time and costs.



Transformative Results Amplifying Professional Services and Delivery Efficiency

  • 50% Increase in Professional Services Margins   Our tailored solutions led to a remarkable boost in Professional Services margins, ensuring sustainable growth.
  • 45% Faster Customer Deployment  By introducing Quick Start programs and optimizing task efforts, we substantially improved time-to-deliver, providing customers with swift deployments.
  • Enhanced Deliverable Quality   The shift towards packaged delivery expedited processes and elevated the overall quality of deliverables.

In orchestrating this success story, Trantor has not only addressed our client’s immediate challenges but has become an indispensable partner in their journey towards global Professional Services excellence.

Next Steps

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The Client

  • We consider Trantor an integral part of our PS organization. The teams are experts on our products and deliver high quality across the globe.
    - VP Professional Services