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CoE co-developmemt for a Leading Pharmacovigilance Solutions Provider

Trantor helped in scaling up their product team by supporting their technology and business roadmap, especially during the pandemic.


Client is a leading US firm that delivers digital transformation for clients. The requirement is to have the industry’s first fully-integrated, end-to-end adverse event (AE) processing solution, leveraging intelligent automation to dramatically reduce the effort of processing adverse events and enable an AI-driven level of real-time predictive analytics and actionable insight not previously possible.

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Key Challenges

  • Scattered data in multiple format with multiple data sources (digital and non digital) that need to be clubbed together and made usable.
  • The traditional legacy system, its complex UI, and high cost scalability issues with local customizations are a pain point.
  • Build a highly secure system capable enough to store and encrypt PI and medical records,
    eventually replacing Argus in the long run.

Deliveries Made (Since 2020)

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Quality Snapshots/ Metrics

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Trantor set up a COE for the client in its India offices and enabled the client to quickly scale up the engineering team to support their technology and business roadmap, especially during the pandemic. The team implemented the below solutions:


  • Build a system to store PI information in a secure environment that can be viewed based on roles and permissions.
  • Build versatile processors to read the data from different sources in a different formats, process them, and store them in one place.
  • They were integrated with the Legacy system (e.g. ARGUS).
  • Build microservice architecture to help application scale cost-effectively.
  • Simplified web interface
  • EDI to exchange reports between the PVAI and Legacy system (proposed)


JAVA, SpringBoot, Marie DB (RDMS), React, Jenkins, JIRA, Azure git, AWS cloud

CSAT Score

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Next Steps

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The Client

  • “Team has picked up areas like lab tests, event-product and causality assessments and follow up impact assessment and has become a primary resource. Has gained a good knowledge of the overall system and is a reliable. ”
    - AVP