COE, zCase Study

Trantor sets up a CoE for a leading Franchise Financing Company

Trantor helped a financing company to customize their existing Platform using multiple features & APIs on the platform, bundled on Lightning Interface.


The client is a San Francisco based pioneering brand that offers an online marketplace platform for franchise financing/lending. Growing product backlog, high attrition of technical talent and lack of automation in the medium restricted the client from achieving their business growth goals and
losing the potential business to competitors.


The client wanted to partner with an offshore software consulting company that could provide
stable talent to lead & drive their product development without any technology leadership from the
US team. The client was budget focused – a workforce specialized in full stack workforce who can
wear multiple hats in the engineering function was one of the primary needs.

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Key Challenges

  • Aggressive and agile customer business needs.
  • Coach & perform agile transformation across product teams.

  • Research & Development related to tech stacks.

  • Scaling fast at short notice to support customer business growth.

  • Establish cultural connections in geographically distributed teams.

Deliveries Made (Since 2017)

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Quality Snapshots/ Metrics

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Trantor customized the client’s existing Platform implementation using multiple features and APIs on the platform, bundled on Lightning Interface. Highlights of the solution include:


  • The existing salesforce solution was migrated to ROR for better usability, features and efficiency.
  • Reorganized the leads and sales process setup by defining the sales stages, naming conventions and workflow. This also enabled the automated flow of information.
  • Designed a custom dashboard that included metrics.
  • The duplicate management feature was customized to identify, manage and merge duplicate records based on rules defined by the sales team.
  • UI was redesigned to make it user-friendly, which increased user rates significantly
  • Web-based training is given to sales teams for quick adoption.
  • Ongoing evaluation and optimization of sales and reporting workflows for further enhancements and automation.


Ruby on Rails, HTML 5, Angular JS, MySQL, AWS,