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Co-Developing a CoE For a Leading Retail Solution Provider

Co-Developing a CoE For a Leading Retail Solution Provider


Client is a leading omnichannel retail solution provider based out of Dallas, US. Client had multiple customers on their legacy as well as new platform resulting into huge infrastructure spend to maintain these various versions. Client needed to scale their PS services to support their new implementations and upgrades for current clients quickly and in a cost effective manner. Being cost conscious and prior experience in outsourcing, Client intended to partner with an offshore PS provider to setup their global PS Captive CoE.

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Deliveries Made (Since 2017)

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Trantor Edge

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team helped the client to elaborate their PS services which essentially helped them with their upgrades and implementations with their end-users. We not only helped them to save costs but also helped them rope in more customers. Our hands-on experience in retail also helped the customer deliver globally applauded & also set up boot camps to train their members across various parts of the world.

Value Delivered

  • Scaled 50+ PS team in record time of 60 days. Cost efficient and faster upgrades resulted in reducing huge infra maintenance costs.
  • Setup training bootcamp to train global team members.
  • Customer satisfaction spiked up as a result of SLA driven professional services.

CSAT Score

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Next Steps

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The Client

  • Fantastic news!! And just as the schoolwear business is coming back to life in a big way. Great work, and a big thank you to all that made this happen for us!!!!!!!!!!!”
    - Chief Financial Officer