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Cloud Managed Services – Manage, Enhance and Optimize Business Efficiency


As businesses struggle to reinvent themselves in an emerging digital realm, the cloud is becoming a more important part of the equation. The focus of the cloud has changed from why to how, with an emphasis on designing an effective cloud-enabled tech strategy. With the advent of cloud and managed services providers, global businesses have become highly secure, more flexible, and highly scalable thereby lowering the overall ROI, these benefits have been backed by the NTT’s 2021 global managed services survey. Given the quick pace of innovation, an acute lack of trained talent, growing regulation, and an ever-expanding threat scenario, an influx of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) emerged to fill the void, resulting in what Gartner refers to as an “MSP gold rush.”

An MSP (Managed Service Provider) enables entrepreneurs by managing their technology, storage, networks, and operating systems, as well as the intricate tools and application stacks that function on the infrastructure’s pinnacle. Multiple components, including asset and service management, business continuity, solution-based capacity management, and more, improve the overall revenue.

MSPs are an effective alternative to conventional outsourcing methods in which service providers simply deliver the services that users want. Managed Services is the proactive management of an IT (Information Technology) resource or asset on behalf of the business by a third party known as an MSP.

Why MSP?

Using a Managed Services Provider comes with a bag full of advantages for different enterprises, ranging from accelerating strategic objectives to increasing security and compliance to just ensuring that your system is continually maintained. An MSP relieves your Technology workforce of their responsibilities so they can focus on real changes rather than day-to-day concerns, and it may also provide insight for process improvements.

With a Cloud-based MSP, you also get the following benefits-

  • Networks, database transformation, and infrastructure setup and apps
  • Complete accessibility and hyper-scalability
  • Optimized data recovery and backup
  • Dexterous cloud deployment infrastructure tailored to critical enterprise needs
  • Cloud Ops and cloud solutions Powered by IOps
  • Cloud architecture that is globally compatible
  • Business analytics, 24/7 monitoring, and automated reporting
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Things To Remember Before choosing an MSP

Before you choose a cloud MSP, bare in mind that a good cloud solution for any business should include the following characteristics:

  • Resilience: The cloud solution must fulfill approved quality, service levels, availability, and performance requirements. Businesses must make sure that MSP Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are quantifiable, but not unrealistic or misleading. There should also be penalty provisions in the contract that allow you to hold the cloud service provider accountable for not adhering to the SLAs.
  • Not Completely Locked: Cloud solutions must have flexible frameworks and capabilities which may work in various settings.
  • Consistent: By integrating public and private cloud services with conventionally implemented and outsourced services, they should be able to provide a seamless user experience. By providing quick, adaptive, and effortless scaling, the managed cloud should be able to support enterprises through its numerous business phases
  • Safe: The cloud solution ought to provide data security and privacy, as well as threat protection, agreed-upon SLAs, and data and intellectual property protection. It must also assure that business-critical applications and data are secure and stable.
  • Automatized: It must connect the cloud with legacy assets and services through effective policy-based automation and management to deliver an integrated service portfolio and end-to-end service quality. For certain applications, the cloud MSP should have primary and secondary servers. In the scenario that the primary server fails, the backup server should be ready to assume over automatically.

Cloud MSP has been used by bigger giants like Panasonic where the internationally acclaimed Japanese business has adopted agile, innovative private cloud managed services, resulting in increased operational effectiveness, a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that ensures continuity of operations, and increased investment returns.

As per Mordor Research, the MSP industry will expand to $274 billion by 2026, up from $152 billion in 2020, because of rising acceptance of the approach, which has seen many enterprises resort to MSPs to quantify the effects of the pandemic in the previous year. Managed service providers were in a rare position to help as businesses that are allowing employees to work from home and restructured their business models, with infrastructure already in position and remote work becoming the routine rather than the exceptional.

A reliable technologically diligent cloud MSP allows businesses to act instantaneously on billions of transactions while decreasing server footprint to a very large extent. A good cloud-managed service provider helps prevent fraud, provides suggestions that drastically improve shopping cart size, facilitates globally digital payments, and gives tens of millions of users a hyper-personalized consumer experience.

Any enterprise can reap the benefit of the knowledge and competence that Cloud MSPs can bring to the table. However, selecting the ideal one can be complicated. It’s critical that your MSP provider boosts your business’s productivity while still being adaptable to its specific needs.

With an extensive portfolio of serving the market leaders with impeccable cloud-based managed services solutions, Trantor has within no time mastered the art of delivering tailor-made, cost-effective, and productive enhancing MSPs. Our reputation as a reliable MSP provider is based on years of workforce expertise and cutting-edge cloud technologies. Our devotion to you is demonstrated by the comprehensive business support we give, as well as our commitment to our clients, as seen by our market-leading SLAs.