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Is Cloud Monitoring getting out of hand?

Reduce your cloud cost (by at least 30%) while constantly optimizing your cloud footprint. Trantor helps customers with cloud deployments ranging from Startups to Large enterprises with the simple mandate to plan, deploy, and scale their cloud assets cost-effectively.

Our approach is a tightly integrated model with AWS DevOps Guru, which helps improve the application availability using ML-powered cloud operations. This has resulted in a 95% increase in query performance and a 34% reduction in cloud costs.

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    Monitoring with AWS DevOps Guru


    ML-powered service for developers and operators to detect issues, improve application availability and increase reliability automatically.


    Why DevOps Guru?

    • Auto-detect Operational Issues : Continuously analyzes disparate data streams and metrics to determine application behavior.

    • Quick Resolution : Ability to present and apply resolution quickly with ML-powered insights and recommendations.

    • Fast and Easy Scalability : Inbuilt ability to maintain and effortlessly scale when new AWS workloads are added.

    • Easy-to-use : No configuration or ML experience is required.

    • Reduce Noise : Overcome alarm fatigue with automatic correlation and grouping of related anomalies.

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