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Internet of Things

Tailormade IoT software connecting your enterprise with the Future.



Overview - IoT

IoT is changing the way traditional business models operate. We collaborate with pioneers in the field to pursue significant strategic projects to make these changes smooth and effective.

We develop tailored IoT applications that help enterprises to control their operational efficiency, set up procedures, and provide insights across departments by leveraging IoT solutions, mobile devices, cloud services, and physical objects into a hyper-connected infrastructure developed around end-users.
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From industrial devices to enterprise automation, we vigorously work to design and deliver scalable internet of things solutions to spawn out new digitally connected experiences for customers that will help them save revenue and gain competitive leverage.
Consulting & Analytics

We help enterprises understand and analyze the impact IoT will have on their business,label new user scenarios, define promising sitemap creation, blueprints, and define a roadmap to upsurging ROI. We capitalize on our efficient expertise and real-world experience to address the most significant IoT challenges proactively.

Tune in a business strategy in the able guidance of our IoT experts.

Operations & Management

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Trantor’s Internet of Things specialists helps enterprises develop strategic technology solutions that create powerful business outcomes and help the company navigate the virtual world. Our industry experts and software architects will help you develop or optimize a solution involving full-range IoT consulting that serves your business objectives.
System Integration

We deliver framework, programming, and equipment incorporation administrations as a feature of the full IoT stack we support. We incorporate equipment, OS, drivers, middleware, and applications for a keen gadget. What’s more, we give customized programming and equipment answers for various diverse use cases.

Prototyping & Wireframing
Product Development

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We develop innovative IoT solutions that allow enterprises to control their operational efficiency, establish frameworks and provide insight across departments by integrating IoT applications, mobile devices, cloud infrastructures, and physical objects into a hyper-connected ecosystem developed around end-users.
Managed Services

We help organizations manage and maintain their IoT solutions and products through continuous support and rigorous testing across the IoT stack. We ensure to put our proficiency, experience, and innovative ideas to support you throughout the IoT journey.

Managed Services Offerings

Tech Support
Testing & Quality Assurance

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Our IoT Managed Services portfolio includes the management, tracking, continuous integration, and optimization of your resources, including devices connected across the enterprise, to meet your company's specific needs. With real-time data processing, we allow businesses to become value-led and analysis-driven, empowering smoother, and more conscious strategic business decisions.
IoT Overview
From industrial devices to enterprise automation, we vigorously work to design and deliver scalable internet of things solutions to spawn out new digitally connected experiences for customers that will help them save revenue and gain competitive leverage.
Stretagic Approach

Strategic Approach

We follow an agile and tech-forward approach to convert your smart idea into a smart solution/device.


A thorough research on the viability of the Idea and its development.


Analysis of the present business model and future vision of adding IoT to the mainstream.


We deliver a system outlining the right tech stack, to assist you with accomplishing desired business results.


Provide specific expertise to assist you with creating and put up your thoughts for sale to the market faster.


Providing support and actions for improvements after development to meet future business objectives.

The Trantor Edge

An ideal cloud computing partner, Trantor has globally helped numerous brands to create efficient and industry- par cloud infrastructures.



Cost optimization

Making a cost-effective solution is the core of our process. With an in-depth analysis and effective IoT consulting service, we help you save more than 15% on your technology investments.


With real-time task updates and communications channels we let you be a part of the project at every step. Every change and track of all updates are available to you on the go.

Progressive delivery

We follow an agile approach that ensures extensive customer involvement across the project thereby keeping the team concentrated on delivering high-priority characteristics first.

Continuous Support

Our services don’t end with the delivery of the product, we deliver continuous support with new & improved updates now and then. You can rely on us to rectify or implement any after-sale issue.

Focus on your business

From scratch to finish we take care of every step of the IoT development process, turning every client requirement into a completely integrated IoT product or solution is our motto.

Prerequisite Experience

Our years of experience in working across all components of the IoT ecosystem from sensor/device connectivity, storage, streaming and user applications analysis has helped us proficiently create tangible solutions.

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IoT Key Numbers

Our expertise is backed by advanced business knowledge and updated technology help you Increase ROI and develop as an enterprise.

We never lose our focus on the core values of our business being Technology focused and user-driven. Working collaboratively and proficiently with every customer we earnestly work hand to encash every IoT capability to deliver litigable enterprise insights. Being two step ahead of the crowd we keep ourselves updated with changing tech trends and keep the most efficient staff under our wings to bring about oomph IoT solutions

Billion + Smart Devices

Business IoT Devices

IoT devices per minute

Cost Saving

Why IoT?

The world of technology is ever-evolving and IoT is the newest trend that is here to stay for long.





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More Data Collection

With addition sensors, IoT gadgets can gather a lot of information on a wide range of regions.

Increased Efficiency

Rate of growth with the machine to machine communication is very high.

Global Connectivity

IoT devices are connected to global networks thereby expanding the reach and delivery region.

Track & Monitor

With expanded accessibility & usage tracking you can easily monitor data, quality of products, etc.

Large Scale Deployment

With smart devices and solutions it’s very easy to manage a large number of people and machines.


Lessening the human involvement and expanding the deployment area IoT helps to reduce investments.

Low Workload

IoT solutions/gadgets reduce human efforts thereby saving time and cost.


With improved supply changes management and customer service IoT helps businesses to communicate better.

Customer Growth

With superior customer service and easy sales process IoT enhances client growth.

Case Studies

Our Project studies will enable us to understand the way Trantor takes care of its clients and delivers the required profit-yielding solution.

  • Veriown

    Startup based in US brings Internet-connect solar energy to areas without access to a power grid starting with rural India

    Trantor quickly scaled up a 25-member product development team for the client, which is providing end-to-end services to the client ranging from product management, UX and UI design, software development, testing, and sustenance engineering.


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